A Peek at Roulette Games in the United Kingdom

Roulette’s popularity index in the United Kingdom is only second to slots. However, its journey to the top was a long one, and it was characterised by challenges, ranging from shifting government regulations to deciding between the 37 and 38 pocket versions. Nonetheless, more punters prefer the European version (37 pockets) because it gives the house a mere 2.7% edge over the players.

The American roulette (38 pockets) has two zero slots, 0 and 00. That gives the house an estimated edge of 5.7%, which is more than double that of the European wheel. From a punter’s point of view, choosing between the two was not hard- the problem was with the casinos. They took too long to accept the single “0” roulette with 37 pockets for fear of making losses.

How European Roulette Won the Masses

Louise and Francois Blanc, the famous French brothers, decided to test their luck with the single “0” roulette. This idea came after they had a rough patch in Germany – serving a jail term for stock theft. Since the odds of the European roulette are seemingly on the punter’s side, the two brothers rolled out their idea with little or no competition from existing stakeholders. Of course, they maximised on the fact that the European roulette slightly favours players.

The Gambling Scene Today

In the United Kingdom, gambling became incredibly popular towards the late 1900s. Many betting shops sprung up and evolved to casinos after the government of the day passed the 1961 Betting and Gaming Act. The most notable one was the Clermont Club.

Today, you can have a personal roulette wheel and croupier thanks to online casinos. The move has seen roulette’s popularity reinvented with more people taking up the game. However, it does not end there; plans to make virtual reality casinos, which are set to revolutionise the gambling scene, are underway. They are at their embryonic stage, but the idea is nothing short of amazing.