Roulette Strategy: How to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Roulette is a game of chance. But, with the right strategy, you can significantly increase your odds of winning. Here we explain two tested strategies that novice and expert players can use to their great advantage.

The roulette Martingale progression strategy

This strategy is the most famous and is pretty simple. It’s premised on the hope that the player will have to win sooner or later.

The strategy goes like this. A player bets €20. If he loses, he doubles the next bet to €40. If he wins, he recoups the €20 he lost in the first bet. But if he loses again, he doubles the €40 and wagers €80. Then €160, and €320 and so on. The player continues to double the bet until he breaks his losing streak. Or, he reaches the table limit, or he runs out of bankroll.

In this strategy, the player should know that the progression can be quite rapid if he starts with a high bet.

The Kavouras bet strategy

The Kavouras strategy is flexible and adaptable. It looks chaotic but makes the play less volatile and the losing streak shorter. Here, the player bets 20 numbers. And, he chaotically scatters them around the various sectors of the wheel. In the European roulette, the player’s odds of winning are 20 to 37, which is quite high. The player will often get hits.

Also, the player bets a fixed amount but places different amounts on the numbers. Some high, others low. Like the numbers, the player places the bet amounts without any discernible pattern. This allows him to adjust the bets and numbers in many ways and combinations as the game progresses. Gamblers agree that this is what makes the Kavouras attack unique and flexible.

Every gambler has a personal style of play. Select and adapt the strategy that gives you the most satisfaction in your game.